Bear's Story

Bear had a real hunger to explore from a young age. Always More...

Bear had a real hunger to explore from a young age. Always curious. Never still. Eager to discover new places and follow the path less trodden. And the story is still being written...

Bear Grylls - Bear is born


Bear is born

Edward Michael Grylls was born 7th June 1974 in London. Nicknamed ‘Bear’ by his elder sister when he was just one week old.


Scouts honour

Bear joins the Cub Scouts in the 80s. By now Bear is already a keen climber and sailor, as taught by his late father, former Royal Marines Commando and politician Mickey Grylls.

His earliest fondest memories are of climbing on the sea cliffs with his late dad on the Isle of Wight and making boats. These were the foundation stones of Bear’s love for adventure; that closeness with his father.

Bear Grylls - Scouts Honour
Bear Grylls - Karate Kid


Karate kid

Enrolled at Eton College; helps develop their mountaineering and martial arts clubs.

By 18, Bear had learnt to climb, skydive and had been awarded his Second Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate. One of the youngest ever in the U.K. at the time.


Special Air Service

After a gruelling selection process, begins a three-year stint serving as a Trooper in 21st Regiment SAS, part of the UK Special Forces Reserve.

Trained in combat survival, demolitions and close quarter fighting.

Bear Grylls - Special Air Service
Bear Grylls - Parachuting Accident


Parachuting accident

One of the darkest times for Bear, sent to military rehabilitation at Headley Court, UK, after a freak freefall parachuting accident in Southern Africa, which broke his spine in three places. Told he might never walk again…


Climbing the unclimbable

Under a year later, and not listening to the dream-stealers, Bear pushes himself through intense rehab to get back up on his feet, Bear climbs a Himalayan peak that Edmund Hillary once described as 'unclimbable’. The 22,000ft summit of Ama Dablam, Nepal.

Bear Grylls - Climbing the unclimbable
Bear Grylls - Record Breaker


Record breaker

At just 23 years of age, Bear becomes the youngest person ever to summit Everest.


Circumnavigating the British Isles

Guides a team circumnavigating the British Isles on jet skis - raising money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Bear Grylls - Circumnavigating the British Isles
Bear Grylls - Family Man


Family man

The beginning of life as a family, marrying his wife Shara.


Naked rower

Rows naked in a bathtub with his best friend Charlie Mackesy, along the river Thames to raise funds for a friend who lost his legs in a climbing accident.

Bear Grylls - Naked Rower
Bear Grylls - Wake Up Call


Wake up call

A big wake up call and difficult period at the age of 25 as his Father passes away.


Navigates the Arctic Ocean

Guides a team to navigate an unassisted crossing of the North Atlantic Arctic Ocean in an open rigid inflatable boat, battling Force 8 gales and huge icebergs on the 3,500 mile journey. In aid of the Princes Trust and supported by the Royal Navy.

Bear Grylls - Navigates the Arctic Ocean
Bear Grylls - First Break


First break

Entering the slightly intimidating and unknown world of TV, Bear gets his first ever break in a commercial featuring his journey to the summit of Everest.


The kid who climbed Everest

First book published ‘The Kid who Climbed Everest’.

Bear Grylls - Foray into fatherhood
Bear Grylls - Wake Up Call


Foray into fatherhood

First foray into fatherhood, welcoming his son Jesse into the world.


Open-air dinner

Helps create a world record for the highest open-air formal dinner party; suspended under a hot-air balloon at 25,000 ft, to support The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Bear Grylls - Open-air dinner
Bear Grylls - Lieutenant Commander


Lieutenant Commander

Bear is awarded an honorary commission with the Royal Navy, serving as a Lieutenant-Commander.


French Foreign Legion

Bear begins his TV career on C4 with eleven other ‘recruits’ enduring what it is like to go through the infamous French Foreign Legion's basic desert training in the Sahara.

Bear Grylls - French Foreign Legion
Bear Grylls - Man vs. Wild


Man vs. Wild

Bear is approached by the Discovery Channel to film a series of wilderness adventures where he gets dropped into some of the world’s most inhospitable places, and has to demonstrate some of his extreme survival skills. And so begins the journey of seven seasons of Man vs. Wild.


Marmaduke Grylls

Birth of his second child, Marmaduke Grylls.

Bear Grylls - French Foreign Legion
Bear Grylls - Flying Over Everest


Flying over Everest

Decides to give a record-setting paramotor attempt another shot and this time, to fly over the height of Everest in the Himalayas. Battling with temperatures of −60 °C and enduring dangerously low oxygen levels – he eventually reached an estimated 29,250 ft – happy days!


Antarctic climb cut short

Later that year, Bear’s Antarctic climbing and paramotoring expedition is cut short when, while kite skiing, a ski catches on the ice, launching him into the air and breaking his shoulder on impact. Two months of rehab and then finally back on his feet… as they say, storms make us stronger!

Bear Grylls - Antarctic climb cut short
Bear Grylls - Worst Case Scenario


Worst Case Scenario

Discovery Channel commission another series with Bear called: Worst Case Scenario. The show features skills he learned in the 21 SAS including self-defence, evasive driving, parkour, urban survival, and wilderness survival.


Longest indoor free fall

Using a vertical wind tunnel, Bear and his team set a new Guinness World Record for the longest continuous indoor free fall. The previous record was 1 hour 36 minutes by a US team. In support of the worldwide children's charity, Global Angels.

Bear Grylls - Longest indoor free fall
Bear Grylls - Huckleberry is born


Huckleberry is born

Celebrates the birth of his youngest son, Huckleberry.


Youngest ever Chief Scout

Bear’s proudest achievement to date, appointed the youngest-ever Chief Scout to the U.K. Scout Association, acting as figurehead to over 50 million Scouts worldwide.

Bear Grylls - Youngest ever Chief Scout
Bear Grylls - Journey through the Arctic Ocean


Journey through the Arctic Ocean

Back in the inflatable boat, Bear navigates an ice-breaking RIB through 2,500 miles of the ice-strewn Northwest Passage in the Arctic Ocean. In aid of Global Angels.


Wild Weekends

A brand new direction for his career, Bear’s Wild Weekends kicks off taking some U.K. stars out on adventures for Channel 4, guests include Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross & Miranda Hart.

Bear Grylls - Wild Weekends
Bear Grylls - Mud, Sweat and Tears


Mud, Sweat and Tears

Bear releases an honest life account in Mud, Sweat and Tears: The Autobiography which spends 8 weeks as Number 1 in the Sunday Times bestseller list and voted the most influential book in China for 2012.


Survival Academy

The first Bear Grylls Survival Academy opens giving people the chance to get muddy and hands on with bush craft and the great outdoors.

Bear Grylls - Survival Academy
Bear Grylls - Escape from Hell


Escape from Hell series

Reliving the experiences and stories of survivors who have managed to defy the odds and survive in an array of mind boggling scenarios, Bear brings Discovery Channel a new series, Escape from Hell.


Get Out Alive series

Bringing a new network into the picture, Bear films his first series for the USA network NBC called Get Out Alive.

Bear Grylls - Get Out Alive series
Bear Grylls - A Survival Guide for Life


A Survival Guide for Life

A Survival Guide for Life is published, on how to achieve your goals and thrive in adversity.


Royal Marine Commandos

Awarded the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Marine Commandos.=

Bear Grylls - Royal Marine Commandos
Bear Grylls - Running Wild


Running Wild

Get Out Alive gets superseded by the introduction of Running Wild with Bear Grylls. In this prime time hit adventure series, Bear takes celebrities on two-day journeys in the wild. The show is then aired worldwide on Discovery Channel.


Land Rover Ambassador

Embodying the ‘above and beyond’ Spirit, Bear is announced as Global Ambassador for Jaguar Land Rover. For the toughest challenges, Land Rover is always the vehicle of choice.

Bear Grylls - Land Rover Ambassador
Bear Grylls - The Island with Bear Grylls


The Island with Bear Grylls

Fascinated by the psychology of survival, he launches his first televised experiment observing island castaways on C4’s The Island with Bear Grylls.


Young adults survival books series

Bear also writes the Mission Survival series of children's adventure survival books, which are published worldwide.

Bear Grylls - Young adults survival books series
Bear Grylls - President Barack Obama


President Barack Obama

Much to his surprise, The White House ask Bear to take former President Barack Obama on a televised journey into the Alaskan Wilderness to look at the effects of Global warming and climate change. A real pinch yourself moment for Bear…!


Sunday Times bestseller

Based on his late Grandfather’s treasure chest of secret files, Bear writes and publishes his first book of adult fiction, called ‘Ghost Flight’ from his trilogy. This hit the Sunday Times Bestseller List.

Bear Grylls - Sunday Times bestseller
Bear Grylls - British GQ Magazine


British GQ Magazine

Bear is interviewed for the cover of British GQ Magazine and becomes a monthly columnist for the publication. Later being awarded TV Personality at the GQ Man of the Year Awards.


Breaking Point

Breaking Point for Discovery Channel airs, where Bear brings people into the wild to help them conquer their deepest fears and anxieties, getting them to face their nightmares head on!

Bear Grylls - Breaking Point
Bear Grylls - Britain's Biggest Adventures


Britain's Biggest Adventures

“You don’t always have to travel to the ends of the earth to experience incredible adventures and mind-blowing landscapes. Sometimes the best things are found right here, at home, in Great Britain”. Bear Grylls.

In this three-part series for ITV, Bear heads out on an epic journey of discovery across England, Scotland and Wales to experience the British Isles at their most spectacular.


Mission Survive

In this series 8 celebrities go on a 12 day survival trek with Bear and his right hand team, Megan Hine and Scott Heffield. They must learn to navigate difficult terrain, build shelters, make fire and eat the food that nature provides. The stars face a range of challenges and Bear himself eliminates one of them each week, leaving three in the final.

Bear Grylls - Mission Survive
Bear Grylls - Survival School


Survival School

Opening up to a wider audience and giving kids the chance to partake in his programming, Bear presents a new CITV series called Bear Grylls Survival School.


Survivor Games

Bear also films his first primetime show in China called Survivor Games, taking Chinese celebrities on a two week journey through the jungle.

Bear Grylls - Survivor Games
Bear Grylls - Absolute Wild


Absolute Wild

Following on from Survivor Games, Bear hosts a new show for China called Absolute Wild, where he takes Chinese stars on one on one adventures in varying wilderness locations across the world.


Chief Scout

The largest youth movement on the planet, extends Bear’s appointment as Chief Scout until 2020, making him one of the longest serving Chief Scouts in history.

Bear Grylls - Chief Scout
Bear Grylls - BG Fitness Centres


BG Fitness Centres

Based around the way he keeps fit and prepares for his adventures, he launches Bear Grylls Fitness centres Nationwide in the UK.


Face the Wild

A brand new series for ‘Facebook Watch’ powered by Facebook, 10 journeys introducing you to some incredible unsung heroes who have battled unbelievable odds in their lives.

Bear Grylls - Face the Wild
Bear Grylls - President Barack Obama


How To Stay Alive

Bear’s latest book ‘How to Stay Alive’ has hit the bestseller list and is available on our store. For the first time he is putting all his expertise in one book providing you with dozens of essential skills to survive the modern world.


The Bear Grylls Adventure

Join us at the NEC, Birmingham to conquer some epic mental and physical challenges at The Bear Grylls Adventure. We will bring together some of the most incredible adventures across mountains, deserts and jungles from across the globe.

Bear Grylls - Bear Grylls Survival Challenge
Bear Grylls - First ever Chief Ambassador to World Scouting


First ever Chief Ambassador to World Scouting

The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) announced Bear as it's first ever Chief Ambassador to World Scouting. Bear is so proud to take on this global position with the aim to encourage young people worldwide to find their adventures and know the power of courage, kindness and never giving up. Bear has been the youngest ever Chief Scout in the United Kingdom for nearly a decade now and will continue that role alongside his new position.

Bear Grylls - Be Military Fit


Be Military Fit launches

Be Military Fit with Bear Grylls launches Nationwide in the UK.


Prime Minister Modi

Bear takes the Prime Minister of India PM Narendra Modi on a Man vs Wild adventure in the Indian rainforest with the message of protecting the planet, promoting peace and encouraging the message of Never Giving Up. The show reaches 3.6 billion hits.

Bear Grylls - Prime Minister Modi
Bear Grylls - Hostile Planet  & You Vs Wild


Hostile Planet
& You Vs Wild

Bear brings a new show “Hostile Planet” to National Geographic Channel and stars in the first ever interactive adventure TV show in history on Netflix called You Vs Wild - over 100m people download and view the series.


David Walliams

The latest “Bear’s Mission With” for ITV saw Bear take David Walliams out on an adventure

Bear Grylls - David Walliams
Bear Grylls - Running Wild on National Geographic


Running Wild on National Geographic

The hit show “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” show moves across to National Geographic Channel for it's fifth season.


Guest Editor of Lonely Planet

Based on his late Grandfather’s treasure chest of secret files, Bear writes and publishes his first book of adult fiction, called ‘Ghost Flight’ from his trilogy. This hit the Sunday Times Bestseller List.

Bear Grylls - Guest Editor of Lonely Planet
Bear Grylls - World's Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji


World's Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji

Bear films his biggest budget TV series yet called: Eco Challenge The World’s Toughest Race airing in 2020 on Amazon Prime.


Awarded an OBE

Bear was honoured with an OBE for services to young people, the media and Scouting in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

The announcement followed his appointment as Chief Ambassador to the World Scouting organisation and the celebration of Bear’s 10th anniversary as Chief Scout in the UK.

Bear Grylls - Awarded an OBE
Bear Grylls - The Natural Studios


The Natural Studios

The new production label The Natural Studios launches, led by Bear and Delbert Shoopman as co-CEOs. Banijay Group, the world’s leading independent content producer and distributor is backing and funding the new business as the duo build the ultimate “global go-to adventure” TV/Film production company.

The Natural Studios will be providing a home for the best adventure talent worldwide, to help them create shows that inspire and move people to go for it in their lives and to never give up.


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