Five Survival Tips with Bear Grylls


when you're making a campfire open grassland terrain you've got to be so careful because fire can spread so quickly it's classic fire territory where you got hot dry and windy conditions and one way of protecting against that is to build a subsurface fire it's cooler to coat a fire pit and you can see here I've dug down you've got a tunnel the wind will come through and they'll build a fire in this bit here and it will not only use less fuel it will also protect from any sparks or flames catching the dry grass always important be fire smart


people often ask me what's the most important tool to have with you in the jungle besides having that never give up attitude a machete is so important with it you can make shelter make fire collect water make tools and hunt animals it really is the ultimate jungle survival tool I'm never without mine


so what do you think the biggest killer in the mountains is where you might reckon it's avinash's or maybe dangerous animals but actually it's exposure if you find yourself cooled out in bad weather and you're not prepared it can get grim very fast think cold sub-zero temperatures wind wet rain it's a killer combination so when the weather turns make sure you're well led up you're well water proof you find shelter it's what we call in the scouts being prepared


when it comes to surviving on the ocean it's all about staying hydrated remember the rule of threes three days without water but three weeks without food so you've got to be ready for when it rains whether you use tarpaulins or coats to collect and funnel that precious rainwater and in extremes know that also water fish have eyeballs that contain fresh fluids that could help keep you alive


sometimes people think that if you get really cold hands in the Arctic then you blow on them but actually that just makes them wet with the moisture from your mouth you're much better off moving them what that does is drive the blood down your arms to the extremities and gets you warm and if all else fails never underestimate the power of a hot thermos of teeth in your backpack saved me many times

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