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I wanted to create something stylist and bomb-proof. Dependable eyewear is key on any expedition and that’s why we came up with the Revo Superflex “indestructible” frame material.

Bear Grylls

The Anatomy of a Revo Lens

Our Revo lenses harness NASA-based technology to create a lens that protects, enhances, and improves the way we see the world. We use an exclusive, lightweight polycarbonate material for our base, and then apply a series of unique coatings to the front and back of the lens to maximise protection and performance.

Exploded diagram of the layers in a Bear Grylls Revo Lens

1. Oleophobic Coating Repels oil and fingerprints
2. Exclusive Mirror Coatings 3-6 layers based on NASA lens technology
3. Polarized Film Helps diminish glare and reduces eye strain
4. Revo Sun Lens High-tech base lens
5. Back-surface Protection Coating Reduces intrusive back-surface reflections
6. Hydrophobic Coating Repels water and sweat

Bear Grylls Revo Blue Water Lens

Blue Water Lens

Our heritage blue mirror coating is ideal for bright conditions on the water, offering maximum glare protection and visible clarity. It has a soothing tint without altering natural colours. It’s a classic.

Bear Grylls Revo Graphite Lens

Graphite Lens

This is an all day, everyday kind of lens. It enhances the natural vibrancy of every colour you encounter while blocking harmful rays and harsh glare. We live in this lens.

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