Thomas Hadley

Hi my name is Thomas and I am 12 years old, I love the seaside, adventures with my family and the theatre, I especially love the sea and would love to be able to go scuba diving one day.

What has been your journey so far?   

Although I am only 12 years old I've had a fun journey so far, trying lots of different things and had lots of fun along the way.


What have been the biggest obstacles you have encountered?   

 My biggest obstacle so far was definitely my illness, when I was 1, I was in intensive care and very poorly, then for the next 5 years I was in hospital a lot, it's taught me that you need to enjoy yourself and have fun trying new things.

Who inspired you to find courage and determination in the tough times?  

When I have been ill my family have always been there for me and helped me to get through.





What is the most important lesson life has taught you so far?   

One of the life lessons I've learnt so far is that you need to keep pushing yourself, the harder you try the better you'll get. I was really struggling with the climbing wall at the Bear Grylls Adventure but I've been trying every time I go and I can now get about half way up so if I keep trying hopefully I'll be able to get to the top!


What is your dream adventure? 

My dream adventure would be to be able to scuba dive and find a skeleton remains of a megladon shark.