Rebecca Hampson

My name is Rebecca Hampson I was born in February 2010 and I'm from Wolverhampton where I live with my mum dad, I have two big sister's and 3 big brother's.  I was born with a poorly heart and needed open heart surgery at 6 month's old at Birmingham children's hospital .I'm so happy they have given me this amazing life that I love to live . I will need more heart surgery in the future . I'm a Young ambassador for young at Heart Children's Charity and I love helping poorly children and making them feel better . 

What have been the biggest obstacles you have encountered? 

Having open heart surgery and going to lots of hospital appointments. I use to be scared of needles and being away from my friend's and family in hospital but mummy always tells me I'm a strong warrior and now I will remember what Bear Grylls told me Never give up . 

Who inspired you to find courage and determination in the tough times?

Mummy and Daddy my sister Alexie who alway come to my appointments and always say kind positive word's to me and have always encouraged me to live my life to the max. I love enjoying life and new adventures and I love bodyboarding in the ocean waves in Cornwall.  I want to do lot's of adventures like Bear Grylls he is my Hero. 

What is the important lesson life has taught you so far?

Life has taught me so far to NEVER GIVE UP and to follow my dream . When I went to Bear grylls adventure I was scared of going on the high ropes but mummy and daddy said just think about everything you have over come in life and you can do anything so I did and I climbed to the very top which was amazing.  I remember Bear saying I'm a warrior and to keep fighting and never give up. 

What is your dream adventure?

My dream adventure would be to swim with marine life and go on a safari as I love all animals. Go in a real helicopter would be amazing and one day go to Florida and swim with dolphins or sharks.