Louis Jackson

My name is Louis and I’m 11 in August. I go to 1st Byers Green Scouts in Spennymoor, Durham.  I love learning new skills at Scouts and really enjoy the camps we go on! 

What has been your journey so far?   

I have been going to 1st Byers Green since I was 6.  I have been to Beavers and Cubs and just recently started Scouts. 

What have been the biggest obstacles you have encountered?   

I have a rare muscle wasting condition called Muscular Dystrophy. It means my legs ache when I try to walk too far. It hasn’t stopped me though and I have a go at everything! There’s some things I can’t do but my Scout leaders make sure there’s always something else I can do. 

I have raised lots of money for Muscular Dystrophy - I have done an indoor sky dive and I get involved in other fundraising activities and encourage the Scouts and my school to get involved! 

Who inspired you to find courage and determination in the tough times?   

Definitely my family and my Scout leaders. They encourage me to give things a go. Even though I find some things difficult and they might take me longer, at least I have a try! My teachers inspire me too. 

What is the most important lesson life has taught you so far?   

Be determined - have a go and don’t give up. That’s important for Scout activities and school! 

What is your dream adventure? 

I’d prefer to explore somewhere cold where there’s no spiders and snakes so I’d avoid the rainforest. I’d like to explore the Himalayas because I’d like to see how huge the mountains are!