Alfie Donnelly

My name is Alfie Donnelly I was born in October 2012, I'm from Birmingham and live with my Mommy, Daddy. I have two big brothers Pierce (21), Ethan (17). I was born with a very poorly heart, I've had three open heart surgeries so far but my favourite consultant Dr Stumper says I will need more when I'm a bit bigger. I don't go to school anymore, I would get poorly a lot so Mommy is my teacher now. I love Aston Villa and playing with my heart friends. I am now a young ambassador for Young at Heart which is really good because I get to help children with poorly hearts like me and help Mommy and Jessica arrange day outs to make the children smile. 

What have been the biggest obstacles you have encountered?

Having surgery and going into hospital is scary. I really don't like being put to sleep I don't like the smell and taste on the mask, but Mommy and Daddy are always there when I go to sleep and when I wake up and bring me lots of presents for being brave. I know I have a poorly heart and somethings I'm not allowed to do like boxing I would really like to be able to do boxing like Tyson Fury but my doctor says I'm not allowed to.

Who inspired you to find courage and determination in the tough times?

Mommy comes with me every time to the hospital and daddy comes when he's allowed too sometimes he cant come because of COVID, they always tell me to brave and I can do what ever I want to do if I put my mind to it. Dr Stumper is also my hero he looks after me, he is always really kind and we laugh a lot together. I now also have a new hero, Bear Grylls, he was so kind to me and all my heart friends when we went to BGA for the day he told me I was strong and his hero. I want to be just like Bear Grylls when I grow up. 

What is the most important lesson life has taught you so far?

"Never Give Up" Mommy, Daddy and Bear Grylls told me to never give, so I wont. I've been trying to ride my bike without stabilisers but it's hard I will keep trying and never give up. I will try my hardest in everything I do and NEVER GIVE UP.

What is your dream adventure?

I really want to spend the day with the Army and do training with them, see all the tanks and guns and be part of a military parade. Jump out of a army helicopter. I love the army and learning about the wars.