BG Survival Challenge

Test your
survivor spirit

The Bear Grylls Survival Challenge is a one of a kind outdoor endurance event. Test your survivor spirit and tackle our immersive, 4-mile course inspired by Bear’s many wilderness adventures. Navigate hostile terrain and hyper-realistic scenarios at the Bear Grylls Survival Challenge & come away tested and empowered.
This is about answering the fundamental question,
“Do I have what it takes to survive the unexpected?”

Are you fit for survival?

Being Fit is one thing, but are you fit for survival? Bear Grylls Survival Challenge opens up a whole new category of sport: survival. This mass scale endurance event seeks to test not just our physical capabilities, but also our mental agility, resourcefulness and never-say-die spirit in real life survival situations.

The course

Join us on April 28th-29th at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch, Santa Clarita, grab your Survival Pack at Base Camp check-in and stay alert! Move through a series of 5 distinctive Environments and 18 demanding Challenges, set in fully immersive terrain to test your mental and physical stamina. Utilizing the items in your Survival Pack, you will be scored based on how quickly and successfully you complete each Challenge.

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