Bear Grylls Survival Academy

The goal of participating in the academy is to equip More...

The goal of participating in the academy is to equip you with skills and attitudes that one day might save your life.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy

for all ages

Our Academy provides adventurers of all ages, the opportunity to learn Bear’s extreme survival techniques in a variety of terrains across the UK, USA and China.

Bespoke group and team-building courses as well as outdoor instructor courses are also available.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy
Bear Grylls Survival Academy - Pushing boundaries

Pushing boundaries

Survival is all about attitude and so while our courses do teach a huge range of self-rescue techniques, we also challenge participants to push the boundaries of their comfort zones and to embrace new experiences!

It's rarely easy, but then nothing worth doing in life ever is!


Family adventures

A combination of survival skills and adventure tasks that will put families to the test.

Designed to inspire fathers and sons, mothers and daughters alike, this 24-hour outdoor adventure has been created by Bear Grylls and his close team of experts and is delivered by a range of hand-picked instructors at various locations across the UK.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy - Family Adventures
Bear Grylls Survival Academy - Team Building

Team building

Any time, any place and anywhere! Challenge your team to engage in the ultimate Bear Grylls Challenge event.

Choose a location, the duration, let us know your aims, objectives and budget and we will put together a fast, dynamic, high-intensity Bear Grylls experience you and your team will never forget!


Instructor training

The primary aim of this course is to recruit and train potential instructors for the Academy worldwide.

It also acts as an effective training programme for existing outdoor instructors for their enjoyment or continued professional development (CPD).

Bear Grylls Survival Academy - Instructor Training