Bear Grylls is working with charities all around the world, More...

Bear Grylls is working with charities all around the world, providing support and championing the good work of RNRMC, Tusk Trust and Shark Trust.

Bear Grylls Charity

Working with
incredible charities

We are honoured to work with some incredible charities and champion the work they do, looking to support wherever we can through our ventures and global platform.

Bear Grylls Charity
Bear Grylls Charity - Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity  ~RNRMC

Bear was awarded a commission within the Royal Marines as an Honorary Colonel to the Commando family. In turn, Bear is proud to champion the incredible work of the RNRMC. As a world class grant-making charity, the RNRMC has distributed over £51 million to help ensure that sailors, Marines and their families remain supported, for life.


Once a Marine, Always a Marine

The RNRMC raises vital funds for those in the naval service who need support after injury, bereavement or illness, whether currently serving or naval veterans. The funds raised by the RNRMC are distributed to over 30 frontline charities, ensuring that vital support is provided to where the need is greatest.

Bear Grylls Charity - Once a Marine, Always a Marine
Bear Grylls Charity - Tusk Trust

Tusk Trust

In only a decade, more than 7,000 African rhinos have been killed by poachers. Over 1000 rhinos were killed in South Africa alone during 2017, which works out at nearly three rhinos being killed every day. We can’t protect this magnificent species without your help.


Tusk Trust Needs:

1) Well-trained and equipped rangers.

2) To ensure people living near rhino habitats see and feel the benefits of conservation.

3) Education is key – both in countries where rhinos live but also in Asia, where consumer demand for rhino horn is highest. 

Bear Grylls Charity - Tusk Trust needs thse things

"I am so proud to be an Ambassador to Tusk Trust supporting more than 60 field projects in 19 African countries that not only work to protect wildlife, but also help to alleviate poverty through sustainable development and education amongst rural communities who live alongside the wildlife."


Bear Grylls Charity - Shark Trust

Shark Trust

Through our Bear Grylls Adventure we are supporting the Shark Trust. A quarter of Sharks and Rays are at risk of extinction without urgent action. The Shark Trust works globally to drive positive change for sharks and rays.


Tusk Trust advocates change

Overfishing is the biggest current threat to sharks. Change is needed to protect threatened species and to transform shark fisheries to sustainability. The Trust advocates for change in policy, promotes change in industry practice and inspires changes in attitudes towards sharks and rays.

Bear Grylls Charity - Shark Trust

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