Inspirational & motivational talks

Bear Grylls OBE is a former British Special Forces soldier (21 SAS) and No1 best selling author who became one of the youngest-ever climbers of Mount Everest. He has hosted more extreme adventure TV shows across more global networks than anyone else in the world, is an honorary Colonel to the Royal Marine Commandos and is currently the youngest-ever Chief Scout to 40 million worldwide Scouts.

Bear can deliver:

  • Virtual speaker
  • Keynote talk on teamwork, leadership, operating under pressure and going the extra mile
  • Interview question & answer fireside chat
  • Jaw dropping conference opening or closing aerial stunt
  • Team building survival training
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"Your keynote address in Greece was, once again, absolutely excellent and I even saw a couple of people in the audience wipe away a tear or two! It was a memorable speech and I certainly think that many of the delegates will have left Loutraki thinking about some of your messages."

British Airways

"With trademark energy and enthusiasm, Bear scaled breathtaking new heights with BT Global Services’ virtual Sales Kick-Off, helping to empower an entire Banking & Finance division with true-grit determination to strike out for new horizons, ready to embrace failure and become more resilient to grow and succeed in these changing and uncertain times. Unleashed, Bear grappled with every discussion topic with charm, clarity, passion and good humour, inspiring his audience around the world to believe in themselves and go beyond limits. BT would like to thank Bear for well and truly taking this virtual event within sight of the summit."

Kim Fitzsimmons, Head of Events. BT.