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Can Bear attend or speak at our event?

As you can imagine, Bear’s diary is pretty jam packed with all the adventures and remote filming. In a dream world he would be able to drop by and support every event but we have to be selective with the invites we accept and to prioritize the charities he most supports, including the Scouts, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines charity and Tusk Trust.

Can BG send a birthday, wedding, celebratory message?

Bear receives many asks of this nature – but he sadly can’t do these greetings for everyone. He tends to do it case by case and does as many as he can.

Does BG offer private courses with him?

Bear set up the Bear Grylls Survival Academy with the very purpose of providing an outlet and opportunity to share his skills and experience with individuals looking to get up to their neck in mud. The courses are delivered by his handpicked team of highly trained experts in this field. For more information please see the BG Survival Academy section of the website... And remember, it may hurt a little!

Can BG become a patron of our charity?

Bear is honoured to receive many requests to be a patron to a cause, and whilst he would love to get involved and help out – the focus is very much on his role as Chief Scout, patron to Tusk Trust and as Honorary Colonel in the Royal Marines. Bear does not wish to dilute the work he is doing for these organizations and therefore he won’t be taking on additional charity commitments for the moment.

Can BG offer prizes for an auction or raffle or record a video or selfie? 

Due to the volume of requests, Bear is only able to offer auction and raffle prizes to those charities we are affiliated with. And as such we use our merchandise and videos to support them primarily.

How can I apply for a job at Bear Grylls Ventures/work experience? 

Any vacancies within Bear Grylls Ventures will be advertised on this website or via social media – so check back here every now and then!

Can BG offer some answers to my homework, school project? 

Bear receives many daily requests of this nature, & often the best solution here is to check out some of the Bear Grylls books for helpful homework pointers…we have over 70 books to help guide you. Bear's favourite is Bear Grylls: Survival Guide for Life!

Does Bear offer forewords/quotes for my book? 

Sadly, we have fulfilled our quota for 2018/19 at present, unless it is for a friend or colleague of his that he knows well.

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