Discover your
true character

When we fall down we get up. When we feel tired we keep going. And if someone is struggling we help them. Match yourself against a series of unforgettable experiences and unique challenges. It may hurt a little!

Bear Grylls
Survival Challenge

Being Fit is one thing, but are you fit for survival? Bear Grylls Survival Challenge opens up a whole new category of sport: survival. This mass scale endurance event seeks to test not just our physical capabilities, but also our mental agility, resourcefulness and never-say-die spirit in real life survival situations.

Bear Grylls
Survival Academy

Our Academy provides adventurers of all ages, the opportunity to learn Bear’s extreme survival techniques in a variety of terrains across the UK, USA and China. Bespoke group and team-building courses as well as Outdoor instructor courses are also available. Tip: the only easy day was yesterday

Bear Grylls

Our epic multi-level training course is much more than just a workout. Designed around the way Bear keeps fit, it will give you enough struggle to develop the strength, flexibility and fitness to live your adventures to the max. It’s the ultimate in functional fitness. Tip: the most important muscle to train is your effort muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Bear Grylls

A unique adventure attraction experience like no other – comes to the NEC, Birmingham UK in 2018. Taking inspiration from Bear’s real-life adventures across mountains, deserts and jungles around the world, budding adventurers will be able to choose challenges from five activities, including diving, rock climbing, iFLY (indoor skydiving) and the highest free-roam high ropes in Europe.

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