Soul Fuel for Young Explorers
£10.99 £10.99
Bear offers seventy reflections along with stories from his own life - brilliantly illustrated by Patrick Laurent - making Soul Fuel for Young Explorers a vibrant and engaging devotional for young readers.
How to Stay Alive: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Any Situation
£9.99 £9.99

For the first time, Bear is putting all his expertise into one book. How To Stay Alive will teach you the essential skills you need to survive in the modern world.

Soul Fuel: A Daily Devotional
£14.99 £14.99

For the first time, in this open and honest book, Bear reveals the inspiration that helps him to stand strong and find peace each day.

A Survival Guide for Life
£7.50 £7.50

Bear’s instantly inspiring tales from his adventures in all four corners of the globe include his personal life lessons you will never forget.

Fuel for Life: Achieve maximum health with amazing dairy, wheat and sugar-free recipes
£14.99 £14.99

Packed with comprehensive advice on ingredients, Bear's book dispels many common nutritional myths and includes over 70 simple, mouth-watering recipes.

Extreme Food: What to Eat When Your Life Depends on It
£8.99 £8.99

Out in the wild, Mother Nature has provided us with a plentiful supply of nutritious - if not always delicious - food for the taking. One day, it might save your life.

Your Life: Train For It
£16.99 £16.99

Learn about Bear’s personal training regime, featuring fast-paced, dynamic workouts that can be done anywhere by anyone in just 30 minutes or less!

Living Wild: The Ultimate Guide to Scouting and Fieldcraft
£18.99 £18.99

Bear reveals the secrets of his years of experience. In his inimitable style, Bear concentrates on what's exciting, inspirational and a little bit edgy.

Great Outdoor Adventures: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Outdoor Pursuits
£14.99 £14.99

Bear shares his years of experience of the world's most extreme terrain to help both novice mountaineers and weekend campers get the most from the great outdoors.


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