The Blizzard Challenge
£4.99 £4.99

Olly isn't enjoying activity camp. Why should he bother building a shelter or foraging for food with his teammates - he'd rather be at home in the warm and dry, where the sofa and the video games are…

The Desert Challenge
£4.99 £4.99

Sophie loves activity camp... But is terrified of insects. It's so bad that she won't go into the tent on her own, just in case something flies at her, or she steps on a creepie-crawlie…

The Jungle Challenge
£4.99 £4.99

Omar is fiercely competitive and impatient about anything that holds him back... He loves activity camp as he's best at challenges, it's so annoying that not all his teammates are as quick or brave or strong…

The Sea Challenge
£4.99 £4.99

Chloe is enjoying activity camp and all the outdoor fun. But she can't understand why everyone goes on and on about "leaving things the way you found them". After all, what's the big deal about a bit of litter?

The River Challenge
£4.99 £4.99

Jack loves all sorts of outdoor activities - but he just can't stand getting wet. Can an adventure with Bear Grylls in a Chinese river gorge, rafting down the rapids, change his mind?

The Earthquake Challenge
£4.99 £4.99

Fatima is scared of the dark. So when she's transported to a ruined city with no power, she'll need all the help she can get from adventurer Bear Grylls to overcome her fears…

The Volcano Challenge
£4.99 £4.99

Charlie loves a challenge - he's addicted to video games and an expert at figuring our how to get to the next level. But sometimes the real world can seem a bit dull.

The Safari Challenge
£4.99 £4.99

Evie is fussy about what she eats. Suddenly she finds herself on a sun-baked safari with Bear, where food and water are scarce and dangerous animals prowl the plains.

The Cave Challenge
£4.99 £4.99

A mysterious compass with a fifth direction transports a young boy to an extensive cave system filled with bats, treacherous drops and hidden dangers.

The Mountain Challenge
£5.99 £5.99

A mysterious compass with a fifth direction transports a young girl to a mountain top high above sea level, where the air is thin, the steep drops are treacherous and the conditions tough.

The Arctic Challenge
£5.99 £5.99

Joe gets on well with everyone, enjoys camp and all the activities and is always up for a challenge. But he has a big problem with remembering directions and following instructions.

The Sailing Challenge
£5.99 £5.99

Mia loves to take charge and be a leader - she's not lacking in confidence and throws herself into every experience. Except she's terrible at taking a back seat and letting others have their say.


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