Survival Skills: Camping
£6.99 £6.99

Learn to set up camp, build a fire, and take care of yourself in the wilderness. Includes step-by-step instructions and tips from Bear.

Survival Skills: Dangerous Animals
£6.99 £6.99

Learn about all the dangerous animals on Earth and how to stay safe while you're exploring the world.

Survival Skills: Dangerous Plants
£6.99 £6.99

Learn about how plants defend themselves, how to identify dangerous plants, and how they have been used in medicine.

Survival Skills: Dangers and Emergencies
£6.99 £6.99

Learn to avoid deadly creatures, gather food and water safely, and build a shelter to keep you dry and warm at night.

Survival Skills: Desert
£6.99 £6.99

Learn to navigate in a desert landscape, gather food and water safely, and how to build a shelter to keep you dry and warm at night.

Survival Skills: Exercise
£6.99 £6.99

Learn about why exercise is so important and discover some great games and workouts to stay in top shape.

Survival Skills: Expedition Planning
£6.99 £6.99

Learn what you will need to plan an amazing adventure, how to create the perfect campsite, and how to stay safe in the wild.

Survival Skills: Extreme Environments
£6.99 £6.99

Learn how to survive in deserts, rainforests, mountains, polar areas, and the vast, blue ocean with this essential guide.

Survival Skills: Firecraft and Campfire Cooking
£6.99 £6.99

Learn how to start a fire, the best food to take on an expedition, plus some tasty recipes.

Survival Skills: First Aid
£6.99 £6.99

Learn how to best prepare for a journey to avoid unnecessary injuries and instructions on how to act in an emergency.

Survival Skills: Forest
£6.99 £6.99

Learn what equipment to pack, how to navigate the woods and how to deal with emergencies in this guide to the forest.

Survival Skills: Hiking
£6.99 £6.99

Learn the details of how to cross a river, forge a trail, and how to stay safe while you're out hiking, wherever you are in the world.

Survival Skills: Knots
£9.99 £9.99

Discover the fascinating world of knots. Learn to tie loops, lashes, hitches, and many more useful knots.

Survival Skills: Maps and Navigation
£6.99 £6.99

Discover the skills you need to navigate. Learn to use a compass, take a bearing, and find true north using only the night sky.

Survival Skills: Mountains
£6.99 £6.99

Learn how to avoid altitude sickness, climb crevasses, and how to identify potential dangers in the mountains.

Survival Skills: Nutrition
£6.99 £6.99

Discover how to get food in the wild. Learn to find water, forage for food, and cook a delicious meal using wild ingredients.

Survival Skills: Polar
£6.99 £6.99

Learn what to pack on a polar expedition, which creatures to avoid, and how to hunt on the ice.

Survival Skills: Rainforest
£6.99 £6.99

Learn how to identify deadly jungle creatures, what foods are safe to eat, and how to find and prepare clean water.

Survival Skills: Shelter Building
£6.99 £6.99

Learn how how to choose a place to build a shelter in the wild, and how to be comfortable and warm with and without a shelter.

Survival Skills: Signalling
£6.99 £6.99

Learn vital emergency signals, important codes, and how to start a fire in the wild.

Survival Skills: Summer
£6.99 £6.99

Features recipes for campfire cooking, first aid tips for the hottest weather and tips on how to navigate using the stars at night.

Survival Skills: Tracking
£6.99 £6.99

Learn to track animals in the great outdoors, and identify wildlife from the clues they've left behind.

Survival Skills: Weather Watching
£6.99 £6.99

Learn to survive in all kinds of weather. Learn how hurricanes form, how to identify different types of clouds, and how to treat sunstroke.

Survival Skills: Winter
£6.99 £6.99

Learn how to stay warm and dry outdoors in winter, how to identify and prevent hypothermia and where to find food in harsh conditions.

Ultimate Survival Handbook
£9.99 £9.99

Discover how to camp in the wild, find out how to spot and avoid dangers, learn how to find your way in any environment, and much more.

Epic Climbs
£12.99 £12.99

Journey to the mountain ranges of the world and find out about the dangers of rock falls, avalanches, blizzards and hidden crevasses.

Epic Expeditions
£12.99 £12.99

Discover how explorers coped with searing heat and intense cold, lack of food and water, and deadly diseases and dangerous animals.

Epic Flights
£12.99 £12.99

Soar over the Atlantic, travel around the entire world in a hot air balloon, and shoot off into space with the Apollo 11 mission.

Epic Voyages
£12.99 £12.99

Race to the Spice Islands, discover the Pacific, explore the Polynesian Islands and discover the frozen wastelands of Antarctica.

Adventure Annual 2020
£7.99 £7.99

With stories of famous adventurers, and Bear's own experiences in the wild, this book contains everything you need to explore the world.

Extreme Planet
£6.99 £6.99

A whirlwind tour seeking out the highest, deepest, wildest, thinnest, coolest, hottest and scariest things our planet offers!

Survival Camp: The Ultimate All-Terrain Training Manual
£6.99 £6.99

Could you cope with searing heat and intense cold? Can you find food and water in the wild? The perfect gift for young adventurers.


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