Zac Churchill

Hello, I am Zac I am 9 years old, I love being outside going on adventures or playing football.

I like helping people and when I grow up I would love to be like Bear Grylls. 

What has been your journey so far?

My journey to walk the Jurassic Coast has only just started, I will be doing lots of long and difficult hikes before I start my adventure for charity in July. 

I have already climbed lots of mountains but this will be the hardest one. I hope I get lots of ice creams on the way! 

 What have been the biggest obstacles you have encountered? 

 Making friends is hard sometimes. But my hardest adventure challenge was climbing Helvellyn when I was 6 and then Scafell Pike the next day. My legs hurt. 

Who inspired you to find courage? 

 My Mummy always helps me and tells me I can do it when I say I can't.  I think about the people with no homes or no mummy's and I know I can do this big walk for them. 

 What is the most important life lesson life has taught you? 

To always let people join in, because it's sad when you're alone and always be kind to people.  If you're on a desert island and you are really hungry, you can eat some types of bugs!   

What is your dream adventure?  

My dream adventure is to survive on The Island, I would love to know how to do the things that Bear knows how to do.