JB Chandelier

What was the path that lead you to today?

Flying was a huge dream of mine and my goal is to share the feeling of flight with my videos, to let people know that it's starting to get easier to have access to the sky.

Who inspired you to do what you do?

I am really impressed by the creativity of Danny Mackaskill or Candide Thovex. They found their own way to do their own sport and they know how to deliver their experiences to everyone through their videos.

I am also really inspired by Franck Zapatta and Yves Rossy, they have now created their own flying sport, which is why for me, they are the real Iron men.

What have been the biggest obstacles you have encountered?

The biggest obstacles are things that are out of my control, like the weather or other people who need to provide me with permission for different flight routes. Sometimes, these obstacles don't let me do what I originally set out to do, but with time and perseverance, things often work out.

Biggest triumphs?

As a big child: being able to fly

As a paragliding pilot: I once disconnected a bra of a girl on beach during a flight after being challenged by her!

As a videographer: sharing the feeling of flight with 44 million people in my last YouTube video

As a paragliding designer: creating the world's lightest paragliding wing, which is about 986g.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you?

I lost my parents when I was young, they showed me that life can be really short and that every single day counts. That's why I focus on living my life without any regrets.

What are the things that help you get through each adventure and why?

I love the process of coming up with ideas and turning them into reality. I won't rest until my idea has come to life, I become totally obsessed by this goal and that gives me a lot of energy to keep moving forwards.

What scares you and how do you deal with fear?

I know it sounds weird, but I suffer with vertigo. I cannot walk close to a cliff edge without a wing over my head. The strangest thing about this fear is that it totally disappears as soon as I feel the lift of my wing. It's the mind over matter effect and I think you can fight with fear. We can often create a habit of fears if you let them take control.

Why is getting outdoors so important in modern life?

I think that humans come from the outdoors and we simply need it.

Amongst all the adventures you have been involved with, which is the most unforgettable and why?

This would have to be my expedition where we flew on the rainbow mountain in Peru, which is over 5000 meters high. We had to try a few different days, as we were fighting with the weather. We had some help from brilliant locals, we slept in a hut at over 4500m, we had lot of fun and it was tough work... then within an hour, everything was perfect, the sun came back, the wind was perfect, I flew with my friend and we took amazing images over theses unbelievably stunning mountains.

Who has been an unsung in your life?

My father, he was helicopter pilot as part of the mountain rescue teams. He was always full of energy and positive spirit! He achieved his dream even without support of his family. As a superhero for me, he had a very serious accident during a rescue... but he will stay for me as the main inspiration in my life.

What's next for you?

I'm currently going through early stages of planning a flight through the world's biggest cave in Vietnam for my next video, it's going to be amazing!!!! I'm also trying to create a new toy as paragliding designer to keep pushing the fun forwards.

Do you have a motto you live by?

Live every day like it is your last!