had such a nice 10 days at home recovering from the Borneo jungles which were pretty full on.

Now off again to film 2 more eps in 2 secret locations, then onto New Zealand for a couple of charity fund raising talks I am doing (2nd and 3rd March) – see:

come along if you are around! All for amazing causes.

Then I go to Sydney for another fund raising event on the 5th March and then to film some commercials and do some press as well. (And to catch up with some Sydney buddies too!)

Then home, and then LA for a Juice Plus event.

And then we get into prepping for me to run a Man Vs Wild bootcamp!

Oh and another celeb Man Vs Wild show and a few others in between as well…

so all busy but fun!


Watch out for the start of the new series of Man Vs Wild 9pm Thursday 17th feb on Discovery in America.

Also for the launch of our April X-Box, Playstation and Wii ‘Man Vs Wild The Game’

oh, and finally for my autobiography ‘Mud, Sweat and Tears’… out in May but as of yet still unfinished – but I am a lot of long haul flights to get that one nailed!

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